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Our Terms and Conditions are designed to keep our customers well-informed on our policies and procedures, valid payment methods, shipping and return policies, data protection practices, customer service matters, and more. By reading and understanding these policies, customers can ensure that their Surplus Zain Depot purchase is hassle-free. 

Any order placed via our e-commerce website must be paid for in full when the order is placed. Payments can be done via credit/debit card, money order, bank transfer, or PayPal. All payments are processed through a secure and encrypted payment gateway. We do not store or share any customer financial information.

Any products that have been ordered from Surplus Zain Depot must be inspected by the customer upon delivery. If there is any discrepancy between what was received and what was ordered, it must be noted on the delivery receipt and contact must immediately be made with our Customer Service Department for resolution.

By placing an order with Surplus Zain Depot, you are agreeing that you understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions and any other terms of service outlined on our website. We thank you for choosing Surplus Zain Depot and we look forward to doing business with you.